CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message Under the unique and large-scale management,
KCC E&C is now soaring to become the world class builder.

I would like to express my gratitude to our customers for your support and encouragement to the development of KCC E&C that is now becoming a world-class construction company in the 21st century.
Over the past half-century, KCC E&C has been pursuing a goal of meeting customers’ needs by developing new technology and guaranteeing perfect quality management with its superb human resources.
KCC E&C has dedicated itself in raising the reputation of Korea as a leading global construction industry through various projects from civil engineering, which forms the basis of industrial development, to construction and housing to pursue higher standard of living. Furthermore, it has played a significant role in global construction industry by contributing to plant projects and construction projects abroad.

Solidifying the reputation as a world-class builder, KCC E&C was awarded the Presidential Certificates and Medals and was selected as the best builder. Bold R&D efforts and investment in technology as well as excellence in design and flawless construction enable us to build upon the trust and reputation we enjoy today.

KCC E&C, an affiliate of the KCC group, a world-class building material manufacturer, is the most sound and reliable domestic construction company in terms of financial and management stability.
Each and every member of KCC E&C will continue the effort to maintain the reputation as a world class global builder and its status as a trustworthy and proud company. Thank you.

Mong Nyul Chung President & CEO
Management Philosophy

Eco-friendly management and value creation for a better life
Based on high technical skills and trust, we lead into the transparent and honest company culture.

KCC E&C is rapidly becoming a reliable and trustworthy corporation with “extraordinary designs and perfect construction” business management philosophy, daring R&D, and transparent company management spirit.
We will unceasingly devote ourselves to create new housing culture and a better residential environment by constructing best quality apartment with “quality first and perfect execution” value result from more than 50 years of experience.
Since we are going through the open construction market and international competition era, KCC E&C will establish perfect construction system with thorough planning, feasibility study, design and supervision, commissioning and evaluation guide, and will focus on construction scientization. Thus, we will lead you to value creation for a better life.

Management Principle of Apartment Construction
  • KCC E&C pursues the highest-class apartment using premium interior and exterior materials produced by KCC.
  • KCC E&C creates new housing culture by constructing the highest-quality apartment with superior technical skills accumulated over 50 years.
  • KCC E&C is one of the top corporations with financial soundness (Credit rating “A” for five consecutive years) and builds the inexpensive but the outstanding apartment.
  • KCC E&C will be in the lead of apartment construction corporation within 2~3 years.

To pursue perfection for a better tomorrow,
we wholeheartedly construct to inspire.

Dongtan - Suwon National Highway

With creative perspective and progressive ideas,
KCC E&C builds construction utopias beyond the limits of dream and reality.

Zero Energy Housing Complex

We walk together to reach further.
We realize the construction of cooperation and harmony, having a faith in ourselves.

KCC Switzen Hangang New Town #2