Civil Works

KCC E&C has reshaped a map of Korea conducting a variety of civil works over the past 50 years.

KCC E&C has played a major role in the construction industry of Korea and completed a number of challenging projects including KTX high-speed railroads, Daejeon EXPO Grand Bridge, and Buan Dam. Its accumulated skills and technologies allowed KCC E&C to carry over many significant civil works, which contributed to national economy as well as regional development.

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To pursue perfection for a better tomorrow,
we wholeheartedly construct to inspire.

Dongtan - Suwon National Highway

With creative perspective and progressive ideas,
KCC E&C builds construction utopias beyond the limits of dream and reality.

Zero Energy Housing Complex

We walk together to reach further.
We realize the construction of cooperation and harmony, having a faith in ourselves.

KCC Switzen Hangang New Town #2